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Have Your Pet Groomed in the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Here are 4 reasons to choose an In-Home Mobile Dog Groomer. 1. Since we don’t use a van, we don’t have the massive overhead which allows us to pass on those savings to you via our prices. We are searching for a “green” van and hope to find one that runs on dog hair! :) 2. We have found, by keeping your pet in familiar territory, they are much more relaxed and easier to work with. 3. You as a client get to be there and watch as the groomer transforms your dog. 4. We have found our relationships with clients are stronger and last longer using this method. Check Out Our Reviews on KUDZU Tracy Schulties, owner of About Town Grooming in Minnesota, has a great video that shows how House Call In Home Grooming works. You can view it below, or click here.

Mobile Dog Groomers vs. Salons?

Why is everyone switching to Mobile Dog Groomers? Mobile Dog Grooming saves you time and frustration fighting traffic to drop off and pick up your dog at a grooming shop. We do the driving by coming to you which creates a stress free environment for your pet. Your dog will be groomed in a calm and relaxing environment with our professional dog groomer’s individual, loving attention. No barking dogs, cage fans or sitting all day in a crate. All services are performed at your home. All of our services have been designed using the best natural products, loving care and professional service. Our mobile dog groomers know how to pamper your pet so all of our shampoos and treatments are made from the finest botanical ingredients with no harsh chemicals or detergents. Whether it’s just a soothing massage bath or a full haircut and spa treatment, your dog will be pampered without the stress and anxiety of a traditional dog grooming shop. Check Out Our Dog Grooming Services. SHED-LESS treatment Improve the appearance of your pet and your environment with the patented FURminator shed-less program, a special anti-shedding program that dramatically reduces the mess and clean up of unwanted pet hair.

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Your pets health is important to us.

We don’t use tranquilizers or other drugs. We find that pets are much more comfortable and enjoy their time with us because they are home.

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One on one attention matters.

When home, there are no other animals to contend with so your pet is much more relaxed. Our Dirty Dog Stylists are trained to work with all types of pets so you know your friend is always in good hands. Remember, most mobile dog groomers don’t see mobile dog grooming as a job because it’s a passion and when someone does something they are passionate about, they always shine in their strengths.

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